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Kolbe Concept

Learn you personal gifts and talents. Learn how to be more personally productive. Learn what NOT to do. Be coached on how to communicate to those around you, how you best function.


Learn the instinctive talents of those around you. Is your team balanced or in conflict? You will learn to better respect those you currently don't understand. As your team learns the dynamics of the gifts of the team, along with Communication Styles, the team will be in sync and more productive.


Forming teams will now be done with forethought, being sure the team is balanced. As an example: a team of all FactFinders will cause more meetings to be needed as they will always need more information. A team of all QuickStarts will think they had a great meeting but nothing will get done afterward. But learning to have a balanced team, will set the team up for success not failure.

Using the Kolbe Concept to create your dream team.
Running Time: 1:31

Using the Kolbe Concept to make the perfect hire.
Running Time: 0:56

World Hunger vs. The Actual Assignment
Running Time: 1:09

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