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Executive Coaching

Leaders are daily bombarded with information. Working with a coach will clarify your vision and build doable steps. Whether large scale three-year plan or current strategic projects, working with a coach will significantly accelerate your results. After refining your goals and vision, we will partner on a path for success.

  • Long-term (3 year) Strategic Planning
  • Visioneering - Building or rebuilding the vision for your business or organization
  • Succession Planning - Who is your successor? Do you have a plan for the future of your business?
  • Details - Coaching you as the leader, to set up the plan and processes throughtout the projects, aligning the right team members, and building in accountability and consequences.

Environments is about awareness and control of your surroundings
Setting up an environment that fosters creativity and personal productivity
Ergonomics can assist you physically and mentally to have an appropriate and productive work environment.

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